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Preferred NameYokoCityNew Orleans
Legal NameStateLA
Age30Gender IdentityNonbinary
RaceBlackDate of Death09/19/2023

Crime Category: Accident | Weapon Used: Vehicular Homicide

On September 19th, 2023, in New Orleans, LA, Yoko (YOUONLYKNOWONE) was hit on her scooter in an intersection by a man driving a stolen car. The incident appears to have been an accident.

Advocate: “YOKO, whose name stood for “You Only Know One,” was hit by an SUV when driving a motor scooter the evening of September 19 in New Orleans. YOKO was knocked off the scooter and died at the scene, and the SUV driver kept on going,”

Report: “According to the NOPD, the driver of the scooter was headed northbound on Franklin when the SUV pulled away from a nearby business and struck them while turning from northbound Franklin onto westbound Filmore.

The impact knocked the driver off the scooter with such force they died at the scene.”

Location: Intersection of Franklin and Filmore avenues, New Orleans, LA, at about 5:45 p.m.

Personal Information:

Yoko, who referred to her given name as, I***i on her personal website, was a talented and prolific artist. She was known for her gothic style, paintings, music, fashion, photography, modeling and as a tattoo artist.

Yoko: “My favorite thing to do is create, if you can’t tell. However, I attribute that compulsiveness to the lineage of creatives in my family that have gotten me to where I am today.”

YOKO publicly provided by Instagram.
Instagram: Yoko

Murder Suspect:

Bryan C. Mitchell

35 | Black

Motive: Unknown

Charged: Murder

Hate Crime: No

Last Public Update: 02/01/2024

Current Status: Awaiting Trial

Case ID: 560018

Arrest Date: 03/27/2023

Orleans Parish, New Orleans, LA


Report: “[P]olice said 35-year-old Bryan Mitchell Sr. had been taken into custody and booked into jail on one count of fatal hit-and-run driving, one count of possession of a stolen vehicle, as well as multiple fugitive warrants.

Police say Mitchell was traveling in the suspect vehicle, pulled over along I-10 early Wednesday morning changing a flat tire when he was detained.”

Mitchell has a long criminal history. Arrests.org captures his arrests since 2015, mostly for disturbing the peace and robbery.

He is being help under $250,000.00 and $50,000.00 bail, respectively.

News Timeline: 09/19/2023 | 09/21/2023 | 10/03/2023 | 10/04/2023

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