Meraxes Medina

Meraxes Medina publicly provided by facebook. Graphically enhanced for artistic purposes by author.
Preferred NameMeraxes MedinaCityLos Angeles
Other Names UsedChunLiStateCA
Age24Gender IdentityTranswoman
RaceLatinoDate of Death03/19/2024
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Gerardo Medina

Crime Category: Sex Work | Weapon Used: Gun

On March 19th, 2024, in Los Angeles, CA, Meraxes was shot in a car by a client during sex work. She was removed from the car and left by the killer. She was the end sex worker killed in the same street in a 24-hour period.

Report: “The LAPD responded to a call around 4:20 am and found the victim suffering a gunshot wound to the back of the head. She was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

…surveillance footage captured near the scene of the March 21 murder showed a person dragging the victim’s body out of a light-colored sedan next to the parking lot of a high school before driving off.

Police speculated that the victim was shot in the car after a sexual encounter that went wrong. The area is known as a place where sex workers are picked up by clients who drive to nearby motels on Figueroa St.”

Report: “The Times reviewed surveillance camera video from a sports bar across the street from where the body was found. The footage, which is obscured by the glare of a streetlight, shows a light-colored sedan with its lights off next to the parking lot of a high school. At some point, a figure emerges and appears to drag the body onto the pavement, before getting back into the car and driving off. The body lay in the road for several minutes in view of passing motorists, before the first police squads arrived on scene.

The victim was apparently shot in the car after a sexual encounter that went wrong for reasons that are unclear, police said, without elaborating. Police say that sex workers who work in the area are usually picked up by customers, who drive to one of the motels on that stretch of Figueroa or park on a nearby street. Occasionally, these encounters turn violent for workers, police said, at the hands of customers or pimps.”

Meraxes was one of two sex workers killed on this same street in a 24-hour time period. Police believe they may be linked.

 Last Public Update: 03/25/2024

Location: Near the corner of West 70th and Figueroa Streets, Los Angeles, CA, at around 4:20 A.M.

Personal Information:

PGH Lesbian: “She had worked for Universal Studios Hollywood. Meraxes enjoyed shopping, the Jurassic Park series of movies, and had a passion for her work as a makeup artist. She filled her socials with the details of each look carefully tagging the manufacturers. Her attention to such detail both in her artistry and her acknowledgments is a reminder of how much we lose when our trans neighbors are murdered. Meraxas brought beauty to this world.”

Meraxes Medina publicly provided by facebook. Graphically enhanced for artistic purposes by author.
Meraxes confronts a man attempting to pick up drunk girls she thought were vulnerable.

News Timeline: 03/21/204 | 03/24/2024 | 03/25/2024 | 03/26/2024

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