Jasmine “Star” Mack

Jasmine Star Mack, Joshua Parker publicly provided by facebook/family. Graphically enhanced for artistic purposes by author.
Preferred NameJasmine MackCityWashington DC
Other Names UsedStar, Mack, Jasmine StarStateDC
Age36Gender IdentityTranswoman
RaceBlackDate of Death01/07/2023
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Joshua Parker

Crime Category: Sex Work | Weapon Used: Knife | Homeless

On January 7th, 2023, in Washington, DC, Star was found with a fatal stab wound in her right leg. No suspects have been found.

Report: “A D.C. police incident report says Jasmine “Star” Mack, 36, was found lying in the street unconscious in front of 2005 Gallaudet St., N.E. by a citizen who flagged down a nearby police officer for help. 

The officer “located the decedent in an unconscious and unresponsive state with an apparent stab wound to their right leg,” the police report says. The report says the officer called for an ambulance and someone with the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, in consultation with a physician, pronounced Mack deceased at the scene at 3:10 a.m.”

Report: “I used to see her in the streets,” Witherspoon [sister] said. “I’d feel so bad. I’d say, ‘Go home.’ I’d say, ‘Why you out here?’ I begged them to get her help. I just wanted her to be happy. I wanted her to be safe. What they should have done is put her in a drug-treatment program, then get her the apartment.”

On Jan. 7, Mack, 36, died of an apparent stab wound to the leg in the 2000 block of Gallaudet Street NE. No arrests have been made. Activists say they believe she was the first transgender person in the country to be violently killed this year. No arrests have been made.”

Location: 2005 block of Gallaudet Street, N.E.. Washington, DC, at about 2:27 a.m.

Personal Information:

Report: “When Jasmine Mack introduced herself, she told people to call her “Star.” She was boisterous and a little wild, a talented singer who knew how to tailor old clothes into outfits that suited her statuesque frame. She was 6-foot-5, and she wanted to be known.”

“And she was always ready to fight. She was loud and extraordinary in her own way, but I’d tell her, ‘Sometimes you don’t have to respond to every negative comment. Carry yourself like someone with character and values and standards.’ And she worked on that. She did want better for herself, but there are so many challenges we face.”

“When she came around, everything just got live,” Witherspoon [sister] said. “The energy, she had so much energy. She was so jolly.”

This case remains unsolved in 2024. In 2023, DC police reported 271 homicides. “At the core of the District’s bloodiest year this century is what local leaders have bemoaned for months: minor disputes that rapidly escalate into fatal encounters.” Random violent crimes have significantly risen.

Last Public Update: 01/30/2023

News Timeline: 01/07/2023 | 01/09/2023 | 01/11/2023 | 01/15/2023 | 01/21/2023 | 01/30/2023 | 12/28/2023

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