Jacob Williamson

Jacob Williamson, Kierstyn Williamson publicly provided by facebook. Graphically enhanced for artistic purposes by author
Preferred NameJacob WilliamsonCityPageland
Other Names UsedStateSC
Age18Gender IdentityTransman
RaceWhiteDate of Death06/30/2023
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Kierstyn Williamson

Crime Category: Domestic Violence | Weapon Used: Unknown

On June 30th, 2023 in Pageland, SC, Jacob met a man, Joshua Newton, he had an online relationship with for about a month prior. Newton picked Jacob up after work and drive him two hours away to his home where he was killed. No additional information is available.

Report: “Union County, North Carolina sheriff’s deputies said they began investigating the disappearance of Jacob Williamson on Sunday. Williamson was reported missing by family members in Laurens, South Carolina after being last seen or heard from on the evening of June 30.

Investigators said Williamson had been talking to a man online, and that the two planned to meet in person for the first time Friday night. They said Joshua Newton picked Williamson near the restaurant where the 18-year-old worked in Laurens and drove the victim back to his home in Monroe — more two hours away.

Family and friends had started to worry when they didn’t hear from Williamson, and Union County deputies were told Williamson might have been with Newton at his home.

“I think they had planned on meeting up and spend some time together on a date and that’s where [Williamson] met him. That was the plan,” said Union County Lt. James Maye,”

Report: “[Police] are not investigating the killing as a hate crime. And those who were closest to him have said they don’t see indications the violence was due his gender identity.”

Report: “According to Fox Carolina, citing the sheriff’s office, a family member told deputies that Williamson had agreed to meet Newton on Facebook, arranging to be picked up by Newton at a Waffle House before going to Carowinds, an amusement park that straddles the state border.

It reported the person said Williamson had remained in contact after leaving home, but stopped responding after 11:40 p.m. ET on June 30.”

Report: “We believe that the dating relationship led to some comfort between Newton and Miss Williamson, which ultimately led to her getting in the car with Josh that night,” Union County Sheriff’s Lt. James Maye told WSPA, adding family members knew she was leaving with Newton. “There was just a perception that this was a dating relationship type thing, they were going on a date, and ultimately it ended up in her death, sadly.”

Last Report Update: 08/23/2023: Murder suspects livestreamed before, after killing teen in Union County.

“Joshua Newton said three words — “It was fun” — as he danced during a livestream on the social media app LiveMe.”

Location: Mangum School Road. Pageland, SC

Personal Information:

According to friends, Jacob was transitioning at the time of his death. He lived in Laurens, SC.

Family: “[Williamson] was a very, very, trusting … didn’t see the evil in the world. That didn’t register with [Williamson], that wasn’t a thing,”

Friend: “I’d give anything to walk in and see you sitting in your chair in the corner playing on your phone,” she wrote. “You deserved more than what this cruel world gave you… I am so proud of you for accomplishing so much in the last weeks of your life. My heart will never be the same…”

Jacob Williamson, Kierstyn Williamson publicly provided by facebook. Graphically enhanced for artistic purposes by author.

Murder Suspect:

Joshua Dwayne Newton publicly provided by arrest records. Jacob Williamson, Kierstyn Williamson

Joshua Dwayne Newton

25 | White

Birthdate: 1998

Motive: Unknown

Charged: Murder

Hate Crime: Unknown

Last Public Update: 08/08/2023

Current Status: Awaiting Trial

Arrest Date: 07/04/2023

Union County, SC

Victoria Smith publicly provided by arrest records. Jacob Williamson, Kierstyn Williamson

Victoria Smith

22 | White

Motive: Unknown

Charged: Murder

Hate Crime: Unknown

Last Public Update: 08/08/2023

Current Status: Awaiting Trial

Arrest Date: 07/04/2023

Union County, SC

Newtown and Smith were in a relationship and it is alleged Smith helped Newton with the murder and/or hiding of the body. No motive has been released.

Report: “Joshua Newton, 25, was charged last month with first-degree murder and obstruction of justice in the death of 18-year-old Jacob Williamson. According to the Union County Sheriff’s Office last week, Newton is now also charged with felony conspiracy. His girlfriend, Victoria Smith, 22, now faces charges of murder and conspiracy to commit a felony on top of initial obstruction of justice and accessory after the fact charges, according to jail records.

Williamson had told Edwards [friend he was living with] he’d met a man online and she recalls the two were in constant communication — texting, calling and FaceTiming every day. Although nervous, Edwards eventually agreed to support Williamson going on a date to Carowinds. Edwards watched him get into Newton’s car after his shift at Waffle House that day, she’s previously told the Observer and detectives.”

08/08/2023: Prosecutors will seek a grand jury indictment, which would move the case to Superior Court, according to the District Attorney’s office.

Union County District Court, NC does not currently have records available online (3/13/2024).

News Timeline: 07/05/2023 | 07/06/2023 | 07/07/2023 | 07/07/2023 | 07/11/2023 | 08/08/2023 | 08/23/2023

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