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Selena Reyes-Hernandez: Transgender Victim of anti-LGBT violence

The recent case of Selena Reyes-Hernandez, a transwoman murdered in Chicago, demonstrates a common scenario of violence towards transwomen. Reyes-Hernandez, 37, in what appears to have been a hook up of some sort, met with 18-year-old high school student, Orlando Perez. During their encounter Perez discovered Reyes-Hernandez was male, left and then returned to shoot her multiple times. He left again and then returned once more to shoot several bullets into her lifeless body. He has been arrested and has confessed to the crime.

A transgender activist on twitter stated, “We are learning that Selena’s family didn’t want to recognize or acknowledge their trans daughter. That’s why we are having such a hard time getting info on her. The family already buried her in Mexico under the dead name. Even in death, transphobia still continues.” Which was retweeted by the Transgender Law Center, indicating the victim had not transitioned but was, at least at the time of the murder, living as a woman.

Reports of the 18-year-old killer in court indicate no sense of remorse, indicating he must have felt justified in his actions. Per NBC News, “Perez was charged with first-degree murder on Tuesday. Cook County Circuit Court Judge Arthur Wesley Willis ordered that Perez be held without bail on Wednesday. The teenager’s next court date is July 6.”

Source: NBC News

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